Thursday, January 21, 2010


I am not really sure what that means, but as I played with my hair (now I see why so many "white" girls twirled their hair), I noticed this springy action in my locks. And not just one, but like most of them have this going on.

I think that its a good sign. I have been noticing the changes in my hair lately, its getting more hard to the touch. I am just amazed at what happens when your hair is just left alone.

I don't have dandruff or itchiness anymore. I washed my hair at the two week mark (since my last re-tightening) and honestly, it really wasn't itchy or dirty, I just knew that with my schedule, I wouldn't have any other time to wash it. That braiding and banding (and clipping) business takes me like 2 hours!

Ever since I stopped diluting the shampoos, I feel like my hair is getting more clean and I see the obvious difference, I don't have flakes. I have noticed, ironically, that I have severe dryness the morning after the wash, but I know that that is a result of the starter shampoo. It really dries out my hair, so I just take a bit of ACV on a q-tip and place in that area, to at least get something on it. I have enough left for another shampoo, so I guess I'll have to buy some more (or just stick with my Suave Clarifying Shampoo!) I'll see what the wonderful KiKi says in a couple weeks.

I am loving my hair. Like seriously. I am loving the fact that I just get up and go and I am anxious for what the future holds. Time really does fly. You don't really notice how quick four weeks go buy until you look up and you have another re-tightening session. I'm thankful to God that He's chosen this path for me.

Till next time....



  1. Ironically, I just posted on my blog that I am noticing just how "springy" my hair is. I love it! It gives my hair flavor! So you don't use the SL starter shampoo? My consultant won't let me use anything else.

  2. Marlena,

    You should continue to use the SL starter shampoo in conjunction with the clarifying shampoo until your locks have settled. I see that you're one that has to use the shampoo in full strength. I'm glad that's working for you! Looking forward to seeing you at the end of the month!