Friday, January 8, 2010


School and work and home has been kicking my butt. Not to mention the cold I can't get rid of (and I know its cuz I need to rest)...which has left me too tired some days to blog. I have been wanting to provide updates for a while, but time just didn't allow me to, until now. The office is empty and quiet and I don't want to do any work right now. Its freaking cold outside (here in Chicago) and the snow is just taking over. I would have just stayed in bed, but...maybe I should have. So...I'm officially a month locked now! I got my re-tightening on the 2nd, a couple days shy of my official date of the 4th. I love not doing anything to my hair, no styling, curling, nothing. My hair is so short that freestyle looks good. I contemplated using some perm rods or curlers, but then it would look even shorter, and that's not cute. I am getting like the frizzy ends, so maybe I'll try something out when I wash next week. I am not experiencing any itchiness or anything...the last time I shampooed, which was right before my re tightening, I didn't dilute the shampoos that much...maybe not even 2 parts shampoo, 1 part water. I just put a little water in and shampooed. It truely made a difference, because now, seven days later, I still don't feel any itchiness. One thing I'm experiencing is flakes near my front hairline. I remember reading a blog in which a lady was experiencing the same thing and it was a result of the face lotion that she was using. Since reading that I make sure that the satin bonnet is still on my head when I put my face lotion on, so that it's nowhere near my hairline, but I seem to still be getting a lot of flakes in that area that are like intermingling with my locks. (dandruff being embedded in the lock). Don't know what else to do but spot clean with acv....I won't wash till another week from now, so we shall see how it goes. Other than my hair...I absolutely dislike my job. I am content in where God has me, yet I know that He has greater things to come. I have 11 months until my student teaching begins, so I'm just getting all my ducks in a row until then. We really want to move...we like where we live, but its so expensive. I really want a new car and we need to buy another car for the household. I know that once school is in order and my career changes, these types of decisions will be pretty easy, but now....(sigh). I would really like to just quit where I am and focus on my business, but I can't do that either working 9 to 6 and on saturdays. I just know that God is going to work it all out..... Till next time ppl!


  1. I do not have a blog, but I have had sisterlocks for almost 11 months on the 23rd of this month. Welcome to loving your natural hair!!! Enjoy the journey!