Sunday, December 19, 2010


I thought I would never make it...
December 11th marked the completion of my SL installation...and my ONE year locaversary.

I must say, that I love my locks more than I did six months ago, and as I sit completing my re-ti, I am seeing for myself the changes that have occurred.

My hair is not completely locked. The back lower half is about 90% locked, the middle and top is no where close yet. Those locks in the back have sealed and have contracted...I think its quite funny because that was the section that was always getting wet in the shower. I was so paranoid about getting my hair wet and most times have no choice in that part of my I'm not sure if that section would have locked on its own at this rate, or if the consistent water contributed to it.

I have noticed crazy growth, but my hair grew like weeds when I had a relaxer as well, so I halfway expected it. My texture is so much more prettier now that I have SL. Its funny how the creamy crack addicted women in my circle and family say things like, "it looks so good on you, I could never do had good hair before you went have that good grade of hair...". I want to scream to them that they have the same good hair, and that cuck a bug hair that they complain about is the exact texture of hair I sometimes wish I had because my hair would have been locked by now. LOL

I have, most recently, began to lightly oil my scalp with olive oil. Mostly because the winter has hit Chicago and the weather is cold and dry outside and warm and dry inside my apartment. I have noticed more of a bounce with the olive oil and less of a need to do a water spritz every day...maybe its because I oil it while its still damp right after a shampoo.

I am still using the Suave Clarifying shampoo that I had been using since I was about 3 months SL...its not broke, so why fix it? I really would like to try some new stuff, but I am so paranoid that I will mess my hair up, I'm just sticking to it.

I have found a new hairstyle! Since I am still braiding and banding, I figured I may as well take my time doing the braids and rock a braidout. I must admit, that its my favorite hair style right now. I put tiny braids all over my head, which not only makes the crinkles look better after my hair has dried but, I can reach more of my scalp while washing, AND I can rock the braids for a couple of days to ensure my hair has dried (and I don't look completely Ceily-like with neat braids in).

I can't wait to get a little length on me. I have grown tired of the perm rod set...I have sooo much hair I completed hated pull all those damn perm rods in my hair. I think I'll wear a braidout for a while until I can get some length on me to try the pipe cleaners curl set.

All in all, I love my hair. Often times I wonder why I hadn't went natural before hand. So many people say that "that (your SL's) are you" or "you became you when you went natural". I will agree and say that who I am now is a reflection of my hair...because at the time I got SL, I decided that me being me would be good enough for the world. My hair marks the journey of me loving holds barred, no additives, and no explanations...

Here's to many more years....

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  1. So glad to read that you are loving your locks. I think the first year is probably the hardest so it only gets better from here.