Monday, December 28, 2009

Still here!

Nothing much has happened in the last week or so....which means I'm still here and still locked!

I have gotten a lot of compliments on my hair, but I know that ppl think that they are just little braids. I was sooo happy when at my uncle's house for Christmas, a young lady (my cousin's girlfriend) said.."oh, that's so cute! You and your daughter have sisterlocks!"

Well, my daughter doesn't...she had small two strand twists all over her head, but it was nice for someone to finally compliment me on my hair and actually know what they are.

I can't wait for my retightning. My consultant, Kiki of Natural and Free, LLC ( is doing AWESOME! She is booked like every weekend, so I am going to have to schedule my retightnings like six months out!

I am anxious for it (my retightning) because I have a lot of questions...I don't style my hair at all, its so short that I just freestyle, but I definitely tell the difference in the two textures in my hair that KiKi was telling me about. The front seems to have unraveled, yet the back and the sides have "locks" that are still in place. I don't know if this is attributed to the consistent flakes in the front of my hair, which leads me to scratching and brushing my hair with my hands and fingers to get the flakes out. I will say that the flakes have calmed down a bit, but not much. The itchiness has subsided, but the flakes remain. (sigh)

I do have some slippage and those that have come completely undone in the back of my nape area, but I know that that is due to my bonnet not reaching the back of my hair and those baby's being wet while I'm in the shower.

I have some stray hairs just growing in my hair, mainly at the top, but KiKi said that's normal. I do realize that the hair at the top of my hair, from the middle to the front hairline is going to be the most difficult to lock. I feel like it's going to just unravel and try to do its own thing all the time.

I must admit, these four weeks went by so fast...a lot quicker than the three weeks in between my consultation and my initial install. I have a feeling that the next couple of months will go by pretty fast as well.

I'm looking forward to the NEW YEAR and all the things that it bring! 2010 will be the beginning of the rest of my life! New hair, new attitude, new and exciting things on the horizon!

Till next time!


  1. Its so exciting when someone actually recognizes that you have SL's and not braids or twists! Go on girl!!!

  2. Welcome to the Sl family!! I hope you enjoy your locks as much as I have, it's a bumpy road so don't get discouraged.