Sunday, November 15, 2009

And soo it begins....

Lots of things have happened in the last three years, and while those things have greatly shaped my present... on here, they aren't that important....not because you don't need to know, but mainly because, if you're smart, you'll kinda figure it out.

I'm still a DIVA....just transforming a bit....starting with my hair.

My hair has always been beautiful....for as long as I can remember. My mother took great care of my hair, so much so that i never even washed my hair before I turned 18. Healthy, long, beautiful, thick hair was her prize...then i went to college.

Imagine, being 18 and not even knowing how to wash and dry my hair? Miraculously, I still had great hair was a trooper, it endured all the craziness i did to it.

Healthy, thick hair....permed hair that looked like a wig when it was curled and styled...never wore braids that much, other than the ones my mother put in my hair....

Then I began to experiment...colors, cuts, long, straight, everything, and no matter what i did I was still bored with my hair. No matter what style, it was always cute.

That's cuz I MADE my hair...flash forward....

My daughter is a beautiful 2 year old who was born with a HEAD FULL OF CURLY HAIR. Everyone told me that it would fall hair always does...well it didn't. It got longer and thicker and curlier and my days and nights were spent researching and spending tons of money on products....cuz I had NO CLUE WHAT TO DO WITH HER HAIR!

As a mother, you never want to harm your child. No tugging, pressing, or any of that, especially not on a baby (she's only 2) Snow White would have never ate the poisonous apple if I was her mother...I would have gotten to it first. But how can I try out these products if my hair is permed.

So...I cut it off. My shining glory was cut off... partly because of my baby girl, but also because I no longer wanted to be defined by my hair. My uncle once said, "I either see you with your hair done, or not, never an in between...."

What is in between? The period where you need a touch up?

As I am learning about my baby's hair, I'm learning about my own...and myself. People look at me differently with my afro...some think I'm on this deep path, listening to India Aire and Musiq everyday, burning incense and such. I laugh and reply, "honey, its not that deep...I just wanted natural hair". But why, when someone chooses to wear their natural hair, is it perceived to be this deep transition? Or is it?

I wanted my daughter to love her hair....I wanted, from as long as she can remember, her to know that I love her natural hair because I love my own. How can I tell her, "No, baby, your natural hair is beautiful, you don't need a perm", when I go and get "touched up" every 6 weeks.

The pic you see is 3 months after the big chop and I love it...but I want something more....

I've decided that more is Sisterlocks....

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