Saturday, November 21, 2009

Good or Bad Hair???


Last night I finally saw "Good Hair"...and I'm kinda surprised at how I feel about it. Its almost like I was watching Rosewood or something. I had so many thoughts running through my head..I got a chance to watch it while the mister was at work and the baby was asleep, no interruptions whatsoever.

That movie has...
1) confirmed my decision to go natural. Funny how Eve is quoting "I am not my hair" as a justification of wearing weaves and relaxers, but the true intent and words (in the song or otherwise) is to freely be....
2) Ironic that (as the sister described)people think you are being "revolutionary" when you decide to wear your hair in its natural state, be it locked, free flowing, afro, braids, etc.
3) Confirmed that I will NEVER put a relaxer in my baby's baby has DRAPES! Why? because I'm patient with her, I'm patient with her hair. I thank God I had no clue what to do with her this day, I don't know how to braid. But I research daily on what I can do to her hair that does not require heat or a relaxer. And my baby doesn't have the silky straight hair, her hair is dense and coily and curly and I've heard countless times, "you need to put a perm in her hair". NEVER...those are for lazy ass mothers who don't take pride in their child's hair. Your baby doesn't even have her set of adult teeth and you put a relaxer in it??? No thank you!
4) made me even more adamant about never going to another Korean/Japanese/Chinese beauty shop. You can't even speak English, yet you sell tons of products made for my hair and have the nerve to tell me what's natural?? KICK ROCKS!

I could go on, but I won't...I think I got my point across.

Being natural is so liberating! There are no expectations on how I will look....Sure I don't have ppl coming up to me telling me how straight my hair is, or how great my layers look. But i do have ppl telling me how beautiful my afro it "fits my face", even white ppl have commented on how beautiful my hair is.

Why is it so foreign for us to rock our natural hair? White women accessorize their hair, some alter it with color...but they rock the hair that they were born with, just figure out the texture and do what is necessary for their hair.

I know the ideals and feelings are so deep rooted and it'll take some time to un-do...But it can't stop at "Good Hair"....

I commend Chris Rock for making it informative yet comical in order to reach a broader audience, but I still don't think the message was had beyond the credits of the film.

I'm just glad I made my decision a long time ago...

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