Tuesday, November 17, 2009

I'm on my way....

Hey, Hey, HEY!

I am pretty diligent when I want something....I wasn't going to let up until I got results!

Unfortunately, out of all the people I contacted, whether by email or phone, only ONE person contacted me back (and she called to tell me she wasn't taking any new clients).

I was kinda upset....how could one begin their journey with Sisterlocks, if it's gonna take weeks or even months to get them started. If there are more people out there like me, then I'm sure they just decided to do something else....

Until KiKi came along....

If you do your research and you read the blogs and Google more and more, then you begin to see the some familiar faces....and if you're as gung ho as me, then you connect them together.

I sent KeAndri Talley of Natural and Free, LLC at www.naturalandfree.com a message and within 20 mins she replied....the NEXT DAY, I had my consultation.

That's right! As I write I have my test locks and I'm scheduled for December 4th.

KeAndri really upheld the professionalism that I expected from all the other consultants....maybe they don't need new business, but if you represent a larger company and trademark, then you should act better with responses. Hell, auto responses are still available on email servers.

But, that's ok! I am already looking forward to my sessions with KeAndri, and that's how its supposed to be....forming sisterhoods while getting Sisterlocked.

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