Thursday, December 17, 2009


Sisterlocks are not only teaching me to love me wholly, but I'm learning a thing or two about patience.... My scalp is very itchy and flaky..and I don't think its from the lack of oil because I haven't "oiled" my hair or scalp in months prior...but I've always had dandruff. Before SLs when I had dandruff, I just washed my hair...and that was about every 4 or five from the 4th to now (yesterday) was torture! I couldn't stop scratching, and flakes kept appearing, even after the acv (which was a temporary fix). So, last night I decided to wash my hair.... It took me an HOUR and FIFTEEN minutes just to braid (twist in my case since my hair is so short) and band and clip. Trying ever so gently not to mess anything up...not to be too rough...trying not to mess up my little babies... I diluted the shampoo and spritz my hair and rinsed, rinsed, rinsed...and today, I've come to these conclusions... 1) I diluted the shampoo too much cuz my scalp doesn't look or feel clean at all. 2) I twisted too tight, didn't get shampoo into the sections, just on top 3) I think I have slippage in the middle back of my hair and the front, but none in the back 4) A lot of my ends seemed to unravel Hmm....I don't think I zig zagged enough....i think I was being so careful that all I did was put some water on my hair and not wash really. I did separate the locks and let them air dry. I awoke this morning to still finding flakes....I have huge flakes only in the top and sides of my hair, not really in the back....I just had to shake and go. Hopefully things get better.... Any suggestions??


  1. Your sisterlocks are absolutely beautiful. Welcome to the SL family! :) As for the dandruff, I had a similar experience. I found out that I was allergic to aloe, therefore I couldn't use the SL shampoo or products for that matter. I received some excellent advice on my blog from comments about what to use instead. Suave's clarifying shampoo worked best for me. But that was just my experience. I hope you find out what's causing your dandruff. I hope that you are not allergic too b/c it got quite painful for me towards the end. My head was pulsating and everything else. I will NEVER forget the experience. Continue to pay close attention to the behavior of your locks and please enjoy the ups and downs of your journey. It only makes you stronger, wiser and better. Stay strong and Lock On!

  2. Sorry you are having trouble with dandruff. I know your pain because I struggle with dandruff as well. I'm not sure you mentioned in another post but what shampoo are you using?

    You may need to use an Anti-dandruff shampoo. I know not every shampoo works for everybody, but I use Nizoral(diluted) and it works well for me. The trick to using an Anti-dandruff shampoo is to let it sit on your head for a few minutes to let it work I think 15-20 mins. is good.

    Also another tip, it may be tedius but it may work for you is to purchase a small toothbrush to get between those hard to reach places while your locks are braided and banded, but dont scrub to hard because you dont want your locks to unravel.

    If you are still having issues you may need something stronger and might want to consider seeing a dermatologist. My dandruff had got so bad that it was eating up my scalp and making me bald in some spots. So I had to go see one and the stuff got rid of my dandruff in less than a week.

    Please keep in mind when you do find a routine that works for you stick to it, because the dandruff will come back to hunt you, trust me I know. Sorry this is such a long post but I hope it helps.

    Take Care, V

  3. Well I can attest to Nizoral. It's a little pricier than the average dandruff shampoo but the stuff works wonders, and lasts a loong time so you wouldn't need to use it every wash. It also contains Sodium laureth sulfates, which is MUCH gentler than the Sodium laurel sulfates and ammonium laurel sulfates contained in most shampoos as well. You may simply have to try a few shampoos and find what works best for you through trial and error.

  4. Thanks so much ladies. I'm using the SL shampoo now. I'm used to really scrubbing my scalp so all this is new. I don't want to compromise my locks, but having my own snow mill on top of my head isn't cute either LOL.